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INTEREST FREE financing options available

The High Point Furniture Outlet credit card gives you the flexibility to pay for your in-store purchases over time while you enjoy your new furniture now instead of all at once upfront.

As a High Point Furniture Cardholder,
You’ll Enjoy These Benefits:

  • Convenient monthly payments
  • A revolving line of credit for your future furniture needs
  • Special promotional offers where available – including no-interest and reduced rate interest plans
  • No annual fee and no prepayment penalties
  • Visit our store in Fayetteville, NC today for more details!

We also have other convenient financing options available to accommodate your budget.


90 Days Same As Cash – NO CREDIT NEEDED

How to Qualify

To qualify for the Okinus financing option, you must show that you have income from the same source for at least 6 months. You also need to possess an open and active checking account used in normal fashion. Lastly, you need a gross income of at least $1200.00 per month.


$1200 Gross Income = $1000 Approval
$1600 Gross Income = $2000 Approval
$2000 Gross Income = $2600 Approval

You must deposit at least $900.00 per month into the account and have no returned checks or debits within the provided checking statement period. You cannot have more than two overdrafts on the bank statement and must have checks and debit transactions going through the account. It also must be open a minimum of 90 days.

We ask for all this information so we can use the checking account as your credit. Military must be E4 or above. Certain income may not be acceptable. See store for details.

It is best to come in to our furniture store to learn more about our financing options. We’ll be glad to help in any way possible.