Mattresses in Stock in Fayetteville, NC

mattresses in Fayetteville NC

mattresses in Fayetteville NC
A good night’s sleep means laying yourself down on a quality mattress. Whether you’re someone who likes a firm mattress or you prefer sleeping on a cloud, High Point Furniture Outlet has an extensive selection of mattresses in Fayetteville, NC for you to choose from. We’ll help you find the perfect mattress, so you can get the best night’s sleep you’ve had in years.

People come from all around to shop for mattresses in our showroom, knowing they’re going to find the top name brands they’re looking for, in the size that’s ideal for them. We have numerous styles of mattress, with features and benefits to match any lifestyle or sleep needs:


The traditional mattress, innerspring options are budget-friendly and provide tremendous support. They’re your key to drifting off to a peaceful night’s sleep and waking up to a refreshing morning.


Pillow-top mattresses add that extra layer of comfort, to give you a snug feeling all night long. Pillow-tops are perfect for people who toss and turn, and always find themselves waking up in a new position.


A combination of innerspring and memory foam, hybrid mattresses give you the best of both worlds! They offer exceptional support at all times, along with the comfort that enables you to stay sleeping soundly all night long.

Memory foam:

Are you a delicate sleeper? Memory foam is your smart solution to sleeping soundly through the night—even if your partner is more of a toss and turn sleeper. Memory foam minimizes vibrations and movement, so you can sleep undisturbed at all times.


Gel mattresses offer a combination of support and comfort that’s more rigid than pillow-top and memory foam, get conforming to your body. It’s great for restless sleepers who also need comfort to make it through the night.

In addition to all of the great styles of mattress we offer and the features they bring with them, we’re also your destination for any size:

  • – Twin
  • – Full
  • – Queen
  • – King

Pick from best-selling mattresses from Sealy, Serta and more! Stop by our showroom, hop on a mattress and see what’s right for you. We’ll help you understand the different options we offer and find the right one to fit your sleeping needs and budget. Questions? Give us a call today at 910-864-7600.